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  Semi Permanent Cosmetics 

Semi Permanent Cosmetics are ideal for: 
• People with an active lifestyle 
• People with allergies to make-up 
• Alopecia sufferers 
• People with thinning brows 
• People with no time to apply, or re-apply their make-up 
• People with Hayfever or watery eyes 
If you want Make-up Perfection 24 hours a day, then your technician will be able to help you look your absolute best at all times. 
Below are just three samples of my work, there are more samples available to view during your FREE consultation and patch test where we can discuss your requirements. 


Amazing brows that look perfect around the clock. Choose 
from a range styles such as Powdered or Hairstroke designed to complement your own facial contours. 


Upper, Lower, or both - it’s your choice. We can even create a lash enhancement if it’s a subtle effect you’re looking for. Our Eyeliner treatments are ideal for those with an active lifestyle - or those who want their eyes to have extra “WOW” factor. 
Upper Eyeliner 
Lower Eyeliner 
Upper and Lower Eyeliner 


Perfect for sumptuous, defined lips with a natural look. Adds contour to ageing lips, and with a blend gives a plumped appearance 
Lip Blush  
Full Lips 
Soft Lip Line 
In order to make sure Semi-permanent makeup treatment last as long as possible, you MUST adhere to the aftercare advice provided by your technician. 
Do not be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure of any aspect of your treatment. 
Always avoid direct sunlight or sunbed use after a treatment. 
Do not skip your re-touch visit. This is an important part of your procedure and is necessary to ensure a perfect result. 
Never pick or pull at a treatment area. When in the shower, do not allow the water to come into contact with the treated area until the healing process has completed. 
If you have any issues with your treatment, it is vital that you contact your technician as soon as possible on : 01634 290173 
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