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  Frequently Asked Questions  

What Areas Can be Treated? 
Energist VPL™ is very effective at removing hair from the all over the face and neck, and from the underarms, legs, bikini line, chest, arms and back. Long lasting results are achievable for both men and women with Energist VPL™ 
What Hairs Can't be Treated? 
Only hairs in the active growth stage can be treated which is why a course of treatments will achieve the best results. Blonde and vellus hairs can be more difficult to treat and therefore it may take longer to see results. 
Are There Any Side-Effects? 
Due to the personalised treatment settings determined by your therapist during consultation, you should not experience any side-effects. A slight reddening of the skin can occur immediately after your treatment, this is an indication of an effective treatment and will fade very quickly. 
How Many Treatments are Required? 
In most cases noticeable results are achieved after just three treatments, however your therapist will advise you on the best course of treatments for you during your consultation. The number of treatments you will need will be determined by the thickness and colour of your hair, the area to be treated and the hair growth cycle. All hair growth cycles are slightly different and some women, at a mature stage in their life, will sometimes find that some small hairs will appear gradually over time due to increased hormonal activity. 
What Should I Do After Treatment? 
In the days following treatment hairs will still be in place, however, they will slowly be released from the follicle. There is no need to pull or pluck the hairs, they will fall out naturally over a period of one to three weeks after receiving your treatment. 
Can This System Be Used With Other Therapies? 
Yes, clients often have other treatments around the same time as having an Energist VPL™ treatment. Always advise your therapist during your consultation about any other treatments you have recently received or are planning to have. 
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